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ModernTLD operates Top-Level Domains for a variety of organizations, including the OpenNIC alternative DNS network and NationDNS, a premiere Micronation Top-Level Domain (mnTLD) provider for the micronational community.

Get started with your Custom TLD, starting at $0.99/month

Our Services

We build custom Top-Level Domain registry services to suit your requirements and budget

Reliability Guarantee

ModernTLD guarantees the resolution of your Top-Level Domain will never go offline, with additional Service Level Agreements available to meet your organization’s requirements.

Peering Agreements

Custom domains developed with ModernTLD have the opportunity to be peered on a variety of alternative DNS networks, including OpenNIC and NationDNS.

Safe & Secure

Our registry services are locked down and can be customized to your every need. Whether you need a ccTLD or mnTLD for your government, or a gTLD for your business, we develop a solution using secure and standardized systems for top-quality operation.

Support Tiers

Our services come with community or dedicated support depending on your organization’s need. Our community and staff members are active in a variety of channels to help you develop your domain-related solutions.

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

ModernTLD has a variety of options available for the operation of your organization’s custom Top-Level Domain. Whether you want a turnkey or whitelabel solution, or a complete hosted solution on in-house servers, ModernTLD is able to meet any requirements you may have in the creation of your Top-Level Domain.


Custom Registry Plans & Pricing


Some Additional Functionality

+ $1/TLD/Month

Add an additional Top-Level Domain to any plan. Top-Level Domains will still need to be peering evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

+ $0.50/SLD/Month

Add a Second-Level Domain to your TLD (i.e. .com.tld, .net.tld, .org.tld, .edu.tld, et cetera). Maximum of 10 per Top-Level Domain.

+ $3/Month

License our front-end software to operate your own whitelabel or in-house domain registrar for any public or organizational Top-Level Domain.

Discount Information

We provide discounts to certain organizations based on expected top-level domain usage and need. We also provide discounts to members who pay annually or biennially. Feel free to contact us and we can work out custom pricing and discounted rates according to your needs.

End-User Information

Free Domain Registrations

Always Free

Many Top-Level Domains operated by ModernTLD provide free registrations to end-users, including our popular .o top-level domain on OpenNIC!

Community Support

Our services come with great community and staff support on a variety of communication channels.

Privacy Protecting

Unless otherwise noted, Top-Level Domains operated by ModernTLD do not collect any personal information or share your information with other parties, except as technically required.

Chat With Our Staff Today!

Join ModernTLD on Discord or on Freenode (#moderntld) and talk with our community, registrars, and staff members, to develop a domain solution for your business, organization, or government.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


If you experience any issues or have any questions with any ModernTLD offerings, our community and dedicated support channels are always available and frequently visited by staff members to resolve any issues you may experience.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Still dissatisfied with your experience? We provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all plans and services, except custom-developed software. Email our support team at any time to request cancellation of your services.

Request A Free Demo

Join us on Discord or IRC and request a free demo of our registry services, and discuss how we can build a solution perfect for your business, organization, or government.