Alternative Root

ModernTLD operates an alternative root for Top-Level Domains hosted on ModernTLD’s Registry Services.


Ease of Use

By using ModernTLD’s alternative root, you’ll never need to configure DNS servers to access your Top-Level domains. Simply add our servers to your configuration and you’re good to go!

Privacy Protecting

Our DNS servers don’t log traffic in any way, ensuring your queries are safely and privately resolved for you.

Peering Ready

ModernTLD’s Top-Level Domains don’t come with automatic peering with other alternative DNS roots, such as OpenNIC, but if your domain reaches peering agreements with other networks, ModernTLD support staff will be able to link them right away.


No Cost

We don’t charge for access to our DNS servers, and we don’t charge an additional fee to add your ModernTLD provided Top-Level Domains to our independent network. Give your users our Getting Started instructions and they’ll be able to connect to and register domains on your TLD immediately!

Custom TLDs

Top-Level Domains on the ModernTLD network are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If a TLD you want has already been claimed by another operator, it may still be available on Dedicated or Complete pricing plans, but we cannot guarantee peering with either ModernTLD’s independent alternative root, or other alternative root networks.

Access Other Namespaces

Users of our custom alternative root will not only be able to access a wide variety of custom Top-Level Domains operated by ModernTLD members, but also Top-Level Domains on the traditional ICANN namespace, for backwards competibility purposes.

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