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ModernTLD is building custom Top-Level Domain registry solutions for businesses, organizations, and governments that peer with a variety of networks, including OpenNIC, FreeNIC, and ModernTLD’s NationDNS Group.


Plans For Every Need

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* Peering with OpenNIC and other alternative roots is not guaranteed and not managed by ModernTLD. Marketing and maintaining end-user-relationships for a Top-Level Domain is the responsibility of the TLD operator. Contact us for details.

** ModernTLD is not a web hosting provider, but can provide web hosting for your registrar upon request. Additional fees may apply.

† Custom development subject to request, pricing differences may apply.


Some Additional Functionality

+ $1/TLD/Month

Or $8/TLD/Year

Add an additional Top-Level Domain to any plan. Top-Level Domains will still need to be peering evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

+ $0.50/SLD/Month

Or $3/SLD/Year

Add a Second-Level Domain to your TLD (i.e., .edu.tld, et cetera). Maximum of 10 per Top-Level Domain.

+ $3/Month

Or $19/Year

License our front-end software to operate your own whitelabel or in-house domain registrar for any public or organizational Top-Level Domain.

Why Choose Our Complete Solution?

Our complete solution is perfect for organizations looking to build their own Alternative DNS Network, resell ModernTLD services, or start a business centered around Generic Top-Level Domains.

Built to Last

Dedicated Hardware and Registry Software

Standardized EPP API

Built-In Whois Functionality

White-Label Registry Software

Unlimited Domain Registrations

Admin Control

Stats and Web Control

Our complete solution comes with dedicated access to the backend control system, allowing your organization to completely manage every aspect of your domain solution.

Full Admin Access

Dedicated Registry and DNS Servers

Dedicated Support and Uptime SLA

Custom Feature Development

Discount Information

We provide discounts to certain organizations based on expected top-level domain usage and need. Feel free to contact us and we can work out custom pricing and discounted rates according to your needs.

We provide discounts for a variety of purposes, including for Open Source Projects, Educational/Students, Existing TLD Migrations, DNS Resolver Server Operators, and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


If you experience any issues or have any questions with any ModernTLD offerings, our community and dedicated support channels are always available and frequently visited by staff members to resolve any issues you may experience.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Still dissatisfied with your experience? We provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all plans and services, except custom-developed software. Email our support team at any time to request cancellation of your services.

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Join us on Discord or IRC and request a free demo of our registry services, and discuss how we can build a solution perfect for your business, organization, or government.