Registrar Partners

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ModernTLD does not provide any end-user registrars for domain registration, instead focusing on the backend development of the registry and Domain Name System. We have partnered with certain registrars for end-user registrations, and you can visit one of their websites below to claim your domains.

Currently, there are no .o registrars available to the public. Some registrars are in active development and plan to launch shortly. This page will be updated as more registrars open .o access to the public.

Partner with ModernTLD

Want to offer “.o” domains and domains on our other Top-Level Domains to your users? Apply for a Registrar partnership and get direct backend API access to our primary registration servers.

Brennon Tech

Brennon.Tech is ModernTLD’s first partnered registrar and our recommended registrar for NationDNS domain registrations.

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