Getting Started

DNS Configuration

Accessing ModernTLD Domains, including our registration pages, requires just a few simple changes to your computer or router’s configuration. Don’t worry, these steps are easy: Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be on your way!

Step 1. Choose your DNS servers! You can use the following two:


Alternatively, if you need IPv6 DNS servers or want to find a more local server to your location, you can also use any server listed on the official OpenNIC server list.

Step 2. Follow one of these guides to change your settings.

What’s Next?

Get Your Domain Registered

End users can register any public ModernTLD operated domains, like .o, through our variety of independent registrar partners.

For Administrators

Get Your Own TLD

ModernTLD is able to develop a custom domain solution for your business, organization, or government, with peering options available on many alternative networks.

Chat With Us and Develop Your Custom TLD